Owners Of Tulsa Butterfly Farm Hoping To Raise Native Population

Wednesday, July 18th 2018, 5:47 pm
By: News On 6

A butterfly farm is a facility aimed at breeding and displaying butterflies. While there are several across the United States few realize there is one in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

At the Euchee Butterfly Farm, Jane Breckinridge and her husband are real full-time butterfly farmers on her Great Grandmother's original Creek Nation allotment.

"First of all, it is a real thing, it is. It's not just a hippy hobby," said Jane. Together they provide butterflies to flight houses in museums, zoos and at fairs all over the country.

"Like at the Tulsa State Fair that giant tent full of butterflies that's us," said Jane.

More importantly, they are also working to increase the native butterfly population. In order to increase butterflies, you have to increase butterfly habitat with native plants.

The Breckinridges are working with Oklahoma tribes to teach them how to grow native plants to increase the population of butterflies and other pollinators.

"We've got a seed bank now of 154 different species of native, what you would call wildflowers," said Jane. “Best job in the world I'll tell ya,"        

They have also started a program with seven native tribes in Oklahoma to specifically increase Monarch Butterfly habitat.