Bedbug Infestation Confirmed At Eastgate Metroplex; Bedbug Problem Found At Alorica

Monday, July 16th 2018, 9:12 pm
By: Brian Dorman

A bedbug infestation at Eastgate Metroplex has been confirmed by a pest control company.

Mother Nature's Pest Control Company confirmed a bedbug infestation at Eastgate's Department of Public Safety and the lower level atrium near DPS.

Justin Buckmaster, General Manager of Mother Nature's, tells me Alorica, DPS, and the lower atrium area inside Eastgate Metroplex was inspected Monday, "There was evidence of bedbugs everywhere we went."

The Department of Public Safety announced it will remain closed Tuesday for a 5th Business Day.

Justin describes the bedbugs in DPS and in the lower level atrium as an infestation and the issue inside Eastgate's Alorica as a "bedbug problem."

"I do believe there was a bedbug infestation at some point inside Alorica that has been treated," Justin said.  He confirms evidence of bedbugs was uncovered inside Alorica during the inspection Monday.

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Justin says the main area of concern at this point is in and around the Department of Public Safety, which was closed for a 4th business day.

Atrium Grill also elected to close Monday to do a deep clean; although, Eastgate management stresses that workers have not discovered bedbugs inside Atrium Grill.

Justin tells News On 6 that Playtime Child Development/Learning Center and the Tulsa Health Department Food Employee Training Center are scheduled to be inspected by his team Tuesday.

The plan is to inspect each business inside or connected to Eastgate Metroplex this week; although, Justin admits there is some work still being done with management to allow his team into each department to inspect.

 Justin says he is concerned about the Playtime Child Development/Learning Center, and it is a priority to get in there and check.

Mother Nature's is confident that with the right treatment plan there is a 100 percent chance of solving the bedbug issues at Eastgate Metroplex.  A plan of action will be in place by next Monday.

 Mother Nature's is going to update News On 6 each day this week with what they found, if anything, inside other businesses at Eastgate, so stay with us for our continued coverage.