Alleged Bedbug Infestation At Tulsa's Eastgate Metroplex

Tuesday, July 10th 2018, 9:53 pm
By: Brian Dorman

Concerned employees and visitors are alleging that the former Eastland Mall is infested with bedbugs.

Employees and visitors to the businesses there have reached out to News On 6 about the problem.  People say that bedbugs have taken over the DMV and Alorica call center.

Some people say the problem started more than a year ago.

Kelly Blackwood Hudson claims she was recently ate up by bedbugs while waiting her turn at the DMV inside Eastgate Metroplex.

She posted pictures online showing the bites and one of the bedbugs.

When the facility was asked about the infestation, the response was that the property managers were unavailable and the official statement was “no comment.”

Sheena Scott’s daughter, Brooke, worked at Alorica.

“It was just a couple months into it that her and a co-worker at their little cubicle found the first bedbugs,” said Scott.

Scott says Brooke’s friend reported the bedbugs to human resources and was fired the next day.  She says her daughter hung in there, but it finally became too much.

“Specifically because of the bedbug problem, she put in two weeks notice and found another job,” stated Scott.

Last month, a security worker sent News On 6 video they claimed was recorded inside Eastgate Metroplex, but they didn’t want to be interviewed out of worry they would be fired.

Another employee said via Facebook, “I know that they have been found in Alorica, Capital One and Enterprise as well.  We were told to take all clothing and cloth items home.  I know they say they have sprayed our office at least 3 times.  It never works.  Everyone is extremely frustrated.”

Scott says, “find another place to eat, find another DMV to go to, and if you have to, put in notice and find another job.”