Thieves Steal From Bixby Restaurant Before It's Even Open For Business

Monday, July 9th 2018, 11:00 pm
By: Amy Avery

Thieves targeted a Bixby restaurant, stealing an outdoor table and chairs just days before it’s set to open.

The owner of Sugar Rush Bakery & La Jardin Eatery says the table and eight chairs were taken sometime between 9:00 p.m. Sunday and 8:00 a.m. Monday.

The business hires workers who have had trouble with the law before.  The owner says her mission is to help people who are in trouble and wishes they would’ve just come to her for help.

“We give back and to have somebody take from us…I don’t even know a word to describe it,” said owner Angela Landrum-Ellis.

Landrum-Ellis says she was surprised to see a table, eight chairs, and a trash cart missing when she came to work Monday morning.

“You know, it’s $1,000.  It might be huge to you.  It might not be huge to me, but it’s not yours to take,” she said.

Angela’s company works to employee people who have been previously incarcerated, struggle with addiction, or have experienced poverty.

“Not everybody is out to judge you.  Not everybody is out to cast blame,” said Landrum-Ellis.

Employee Zurrard Murray says “there’s a good crew here that could help guide people and give them the tools to succeed.”

Murray served time for distribution of marijuana and is now working for Landrum-Ellis.  He says he was surprised to hear that a person would steal from someone who is doing so much to help others.

“They are probably not aware that she would’ve offered a value greater than the financial value or the entertainment value that they’re receiving from it,” said Murray.

Landrum-Ellis says the property manager is planning to install some video cameras and she says she’s now going to lock down anything that is left outside.

“It’s just really unfortunate that we have to go to those lengths to protect the things that don’t belong to others,” she said.

She says she hopes the person who took the items will bring them back and says if they need a job, she would be happy to help.

“If they would’ve come to us and said, ‘hey, I need a job’ or said, ‘hey, I need to feed my family’…then we are in a position to be able to help,” declared Landrum-Ellis.

The business is set to open sometime in the next few weeks, but if you know anything about this crime, call Bixby police.