Couple Loses Home In A Fire On The 4th Of July

Friday, July 6th 2018, 5:17 pm
By: News On 6

A Henryetta couple has a warning tonight about the dangers of fireworks after a 4th of July accident destroyed their house and killed their four rescue dogs.

The cause of this fire is still under investigation, but firefighters think the firework went through a window and exploded in the couple's living room. Ryan Vincent is walked through the hallways of his home on Friday thinking of the way he left it the evening of July 4th.

"We had our oldest Heeler over here, she was in her cage," said Vincent. “We normally don't leave our dogs home, we usually take them with us everywhere, but we wanted to go out, it's my birthday I turned 26."

The couple says all four of their rescue dogs were inside when a firework broke through the living room window and exploded, setting the house on fire.

"We figured the fire had been burning roughly 10 minutes before we ever received a call," said Tyler Wieland of Henryetta Fire.

Paintings and family pictures used to hang on the walls, the living room was once filled with furniture from Vincents' parents. Now, all that's left are ash, glass and the strong smell of smoke. 

"Every dime that I have made has went into this house, everything in here was paid for and just up in a flash it's gone because of one wrong move with a firework," said Vincent.

Now the couple is using their tragedy to help educate people on the importance of firework safety.

'I'm not against it, 4th of July is my birthday I love fireworks...when you're in a mobile home park be considerate, these things go up like trees."

If you would like to offer assistance to Ryan and Chelsea you can contribute to their GoFundMe