Former TU Football Players Become YouTube Famous

Saturday, June 30th 2018, 10:01 pm
By: News On 6

They go by B Lou and Zias but Tulsa football fans know them as Bishop Louie and Zik Asiegbu. The world, however, knows them as two guys gaining popularity in the YouTube world and the rap world.

"He was big bro I go over to his house and stuff to play the game just like everybody else and then, he just had this brilliant idea, you know,” Bishop said.

“I just wanted to be a YouTuber … and I asked him if he was interested and the YouTube World kind of gravitated towards us and everything just took off real fast, I don't know how to explain it,” said Zik. 

After careers playing football at TU, Tulsa native Bishop Louie along with Zik Agibu starting just being themselves on YouTube, sometimes doing 5-6 videos a day. Nearly 3.5 million followers later, their videos of freestyling and cracking jokes have gained them big time fame nationwide.

"We just got on there, we didn't care about how people viewed us, it felt like, I mean, we get a lot of comments from people that telling us that when they watch they feel like they're in the room with us," Zik said. 

"We be playing a game and the beat come on and we just start freestyling, that's what we do, you know, so, I'm just on the go.  I'm always happy, energetic, you know, always moving around.  He got his own funny, I got my own funny, but together it's crazy," Bishop said. 

And as their popularity grew, so did their travel schedule. Because of their success, they’ve been to LA, Toronto, and Houston to meet with producers and collaborate on projects.  B Lou just came out with a new track as part of a new LP coming out soon.

"I'm just having fun with it, I just put what I'm feeling or just whatever and I just put it on the track," Bishop said. 

So, for a couple of football players, the money is coming from their art. As popularity grows, it's a nice way to have a job.

"It wasn't like a job,” Zik said. “Like I said we were doing it for fun, it was natural we enjoy doing it."