Retired Tulsa Police Officer Places In International Shooting Competition

Friday, June 29th 2018, 6:41 pm
By: News On 6

Three American women won the gold, silver and bronze medals in a recent world shooting championship and one of them is a retired Tulsa police officer.

Dianna Muller retired after 22 years and now competes on a world stage, shooting guns for a living.

Dianna Muller competes in a sport called three-gun, where she shoots rifles, pistols, and shotguns, but, in the recent competition in France, it was all about the shotgun.

She competed in 30 stages over six days and American women took the top three spots, with Dianna getting the silver.

"Listening to your national anthem on a podium in front of a thousand people is just really special," Muller said.

The competitions are fast-paced, timed events, where the shooters must shoot as accurately as possible as fast as possible, reloading as they go.
Dianna said it's all about remembering the dance she's practiced in her mind.

“I choreograph exactly what I'm going to do, where my feet are going to face when I'm going to reload and what I'm going to see when I get to a specific point," said Muller. 

She said she's strong in shotguns, strong in pistols, but she said shooting a rifle is a lot like playing golf, with a short game and a long game.

"So, my short game is pretty strong, but my long game is where I need to work on," Muller said. 

She never dreamed this would be her life, but, said she loves the sport, loves the people and said it's very family friendly. 

She gets frustrated when she hears people attacking gun owners, calling them terrorists and accusing them of loving their guns more than their children.

"The shooting community is more focused on safety than any I've ever seen. We don't tolerate irresponsible gun handling, we don't tolerate people doing stupid things," Muller said. 

For now, she's enjoying the thrill of competition and putting her skills up against others who are the best in the world.

If you know a kid who'd like to learn some tips and tricks from Dianna, she'll be putting on demonstrations Saturday beginning at 8 in the morning at the U.S. Shooting Academy as part of a free event on hunting and fishing.