Primary Results Indicate More Change Than Usual In State Legislature

Wednesday, June 27th 2018, 5:22 pm
By: Emory Bryan

The current Lieutenant Governor did not make the runoff and some legislative incumbents lost or were forced into a runoff.

The primary results already mean there will be more change than usual in the new legislature.

A lot of House races appear to have been influenced by concerns over education funding and the taxes that pay for it.

The legislature this year passed a large tax increase to pay for teacher raises, but then went on to reject substantial new funding for school operations.  Many sitting lawmakers were targeted by people calling for more money for schools.

The teacher walkout brought many teachers to the capitol who had not been there before to lobby.  It also gave some the incentive to run for office.

“So what you saw last night was people from every corner of the state, particularly in the Republican primary last night, saying something has got to change and last night was the first step,” said Representative Eric Proctor.

One of the teacher walkout support groups online claims credit for helping teachers advance in runoffs and help defeat candidates who supported the veto referendum.