Two Arrested In Sperry Chop Shop Operation, Deputies Say

Tuesday, June 26th 2018, 6:41 am
By: Dave Davis

Deputies say the discovery of an alleged chop shop in Sperry all began with a GPS locator and a reported stolen vehicle.

The sheriff's office arrested two men, 24-year-old Bobby Corley and 19-year-old Trenton King after catching them in the act of dismantling a car.

In their arrest report, deputies say they pinged the GPS on a stolen vehicle and tracked it to a home on North Lewis Avenue in Sperry. 

Sheriff's deputies arrived and immediately found two vehicles that been reported stolen and then later found a third that the two men appearing to be in the process of taking apart.

Inside the building, deputies found a fourth vehicle, that Corley claimed was his.  Inside, deputies found 120 grams of marijuana.

Later, deputies say they found yet another dismantled vehicle on the property that had reported stolen.