OSU Okmulgee Campus Take Heavy Damage After Storms

Sunday, June 24th 2018, 6:13 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

Severe storms leave a path of damage across parts of the area. Some of the worst damage is at the OSU Okmulgee campus.

News On 6 received photos of a mangled roof ripped off a building about 200 feet away. There's hardly anything left of Ginny Morton's barn.

"I just thank God it wasn't my house," said Ginny. She took shelter in her closet as the storm came through.

"You just sit there, and you're saying, 'You're ok you're breathing, you're ok." and I did a lot of praying," said Ginny. What's left in her yard belongs to her son.

"He just said, 'Mom, this is a new beginning. It'll be OK. It's just stuff."

Flames burned the leaves of this tree after the branch fell on power lines while other trees were snapped and uprooted.

"Very large trees were actually just broken off like toothpicks," said OSU IT President Bill Path.

Tree debris litters the OSU-IT campus and the roof of the police department now rests on the ground. An officer was inside when the metal roof ripped away above him. President Bill Path says the officer is in good condition.

"Unfortunately, everything inside the building is waterlogged. All the computers, all the desks, all the equipment," Path said. "It looks to me like there's gonna be several days of cleanup here in Okmulgee"

The emergency manager says thankfully there are no reports of any injuries from this storm.