Depew Police Looking Into 80-Year-Old Cold Case

Friday, June 22nd 2018, 10:11 pm
By: Justin Shrair

A cold case of a police officer murdered more than 80 years ago is now getting some new light. Depew's Police Chief recently learned about a former Chief's murder that happened in 1931.

An associated press article which was written on October 6th, 1931 it reads “Police Chief at Depew is Slain.” To this day no one has been arrested for the police chiefs murder and tonight the current police chief in Depew is looking for answers.

"Sometimes at night I'll walk the alleyways and I'm sure walk the same foot patrol Chief Luckett did when he was considered a night watchman," said Depew Chief Chris Fetters. Several newspaper articles from the 1930s say Depew Chief George Luckett, was shot and killed in an alley. Now current Police Chief Chris Fetters wants to find out who’s responsible.

"He was found at approximately 5 a.m. he was shot three times one in the head, once in the neck and once in the chest, with a shotgun," said Fetters.

Newspaper articles say that either Luckett fought or was dragged by the suspects before they took his gun and belt.

"All we can surmise is right back here is where his body was found," Said Fetters.

At the time Luckett was Depew’s only Police Officer. Fetters says getting in touch with Luckett’s family would mean the world to him.

"It would be very humbling to meet someone whose family member gave their life protecting this community,"

Ultimately in 1931, several suspects were questioned but no one was ever charged. At the time of his death, Luckett had three kids and wife.

"The biggest thing is I'd like to get a photograph of him to put in my office and know who we're trying to solve this case for him and his family," said Fetters

The current Police Chief here in Depew hopes to raise enough money to make a memorial for that Chief who was killed back in 1931.