OK Couple Returns Home After Being Stuck In Mexico Following Diving Accident

Wednesday, June 20th 2018, 10:03 pm

A Green Country couple is back home after being stuck in Mexico after a diving incident while on vacation.

Dwayne Givens has been diving for nearly 40 years and this was the first time he ever had a problem in the water.

He had to undergo treatments after air bubbles formed in his blood, a problem that can happen while diving, a condition also known as the bends.

While the treatment went well, there were problems with billing.

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The medical clinic wanted them to pay thousands of dollars before they could come back into the U.S.  At one point, they were event threatened with jail time.

Givens says the whole experience was terrifying.

“The not knowing, the not knowing about, you know, when you’re going to get to leave?  Who is going to pay the bill?  How much is the bill going to be – 20 to 30 thousand dollars?  How much am I going to have to come up with?  That’s scary,” he said.

Givens says he will never travel again without traveler’s insurance and understanding what his policy covers when he’s out of the states.

He also says it’s important to consider writing down contact names and numbers you might need while you’re away.