New Information Released About Suspect In Murder Of 80-Year-Old Man

Wednesday, June 20th 2018, 5:50 pm
By: News On 6

More information has been released about the man arrested for the murder of 80-year-old Jim Rosenlieb.

Police say the suspect, Rick Davison, confessed to three family members, one of whom called police.

Davison also posted about the murder on his Instagram account.  He goes by Ricci Davis on Instagram and says he’s a music producer.  Most of his posts are about music and musicians, except one that says, “Tulsa’s 18th homicide.  I don’t give a blank.”

Officers say they’ve never seen anything like it and say it’s just one of the many mistakes Davison made after the murder.

Homicide detectives say Davison was one of the most frustrating people they’ve ever tried to interview, even for their most skilled interrogator.

“I can tell you this, everybody in the office, by the time we were done talking to him, did not like him.  He has no redeeming value at this point,” said Sergeant Dave Walker.  “He made a lot of mistakes at the scene and a lot of mistakes after, and you found one of them.”

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Police say Davison had done tree trimming work for the Rosenliebs in May.  He was one of many names they were tracking down and the only one on the list they couldn’t find, until Davison’s brother called and said his brother had confessed.  The brother even turned over a pair of Nike’s to police, which he said belonged to Davison.  Investigators say the shoes had a pattern consistent with what was found on broken glass at the scene.

They say they also learned Davison confessed to his father, which he confirmed after being asked.  They say the father also told investigators that Davison could be at Meadows Apartments.

Police say Davison also confessed to a cousin, who allowed officers to search his residence, where they found Davison’s clothing and a .32 caliber revolver with red tipped ammo.  According to the medical examiner’s report, small particles of red plastic, consistent with that type of ammo, were discovered in Jim’s wounds.

Officers say they also learned Davison had stabbed his brother in the stomach on March 1st because he was mad that his brother had eaten all the candy.  They got a warrant for that case, which led to Davison’s arrest.

“The warrants guys were going up to knock on the door when he opens the door and comes out,” said Walker.

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Police say Davison denied committing the crime, refused to say if he handled the gun, and refused to provide his DNA.  Davison was booked for first degree murder, burglary, and the stabbing assault.

Jim’s family released a statement Wednesday, which reads:

“Our family continues to mourn the loss of our sweet husband, dad, grandfather, and great-grandfather Jim (Jimbo) Rosenlieb.  We have been in close contact with Detective Jason White during the investigation of his murder and we are aware that a suspect is now in custody for this senseless act.  We want to express our gratitude to the entire Tulsa Police Department for their efforts investigating and apprehending this suspect.  We appreciate the countless prayers and words of comfort that have been extended to us from family, friends and community members.  While nothing can ease our pain or bring back our Jimbo, we find some comfort knowing that this criminal is off of the streets.”