Falsely Accused Of A Relative's Crime, Claremore Woman Claims

Tuesday, June 19th 2018, 11:12 pm
By: Justin Shrair

A Claremore woman says she’s been wrongly accused on social media of being involved in credit card theft.

She says the only one responsible is a relative and says she had no idea she was being taken along as the woman racked up tens of thousands of dollars in fraudulent charges.

Danielle Cotner says she’s speaking out to clear her name and says she hopes the woman actually responsible for the $65,000 in charges will finally be arrested.

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“There was a picture floating around Facebook that has my picture next to hers and saying that I stole credit cards,” said Cotner.

The post, put online by a reported victim of credit card theft, reads in part, “The pictures below are of the suspects that used my card at the Claremore Walmart.”

Cotner says this all started when the woman pictured, her sister-in-law’s mother, came to visit.

“She wanted to buy some stuff at Walmart, she couldn’t fit it all in her rental, so I drove my mother’s van to fit all the stuff in it,” she said.

Cotner says it didn’t stop there.  She says the woman also went to Owasso and Tulsa.

“She took me, my sister-in-law, and our sons to Cheesecake Factory, to the mall, and spent a ton of money,” stated Cotner.

In a post from Tulsa Police Department, officers say the woman is accused of stealing several credit cards from a downtown Tulsa business and racking up about $65,000 worth of charges.

“I had no idea about what happened until I saw that picture,” said Cotner.  “It’s scary for me and it’s scary for everybody.”

Cotner says she never knew the cards were stolen and that she went to Claremore police to try and clear her name.  In the meantime, she says she hopes the woman is caught.

“What if the person who got their credit card stolen found me and took it out on me because I’m the only one here,” she said.  “I’m scared things could happen.”

Police in Tulsa, Claremore, and Owasso say they are looking into the matter.