Tulsa Drillers Hopeful Of Postseason Play As Season's Second Half Begins

Tuesday, June 19th 2018, 7:00 pm
By: Jonathan Huskey

The second half of the Texas League Season starts Tuesday night. 

The Drillers, despite a disappointing first half, still think they're a playoff team.

The first half of the season didn't end how the Drillers would have wanted, but hey, the beauty of Minor League Baseball is that starting Tuesday night, teams get a clean slate. 

Everybody's 0-0, and the Drillers think they really have a shot to make some noise in the second half.
Ultimately, it was a bases-loaded walk that did in the Drillers. But now, that's all in the past, and optimism is high at ONEOK Field.
"I think the best baseball for the Tulsa Drillers is yet to come," said Driller Connor Joe. 
"A lot of bad things happened, we finished a game back, and we just have to build on it. Just play a little bit better. Play a little bit better defense, swing the bat a little better, pitch a little better, we'll be fine," said Manager Scott Hennessey. 
It may be difficult for minor-leaguers with eyes on becoming major-leaguers to focus on the long game. But one Driller said the key is staying focused in the present.
"You have to be where your feet are, and right now, this is where I'm at, so spending all my energy trying to get better and trying to get wins as a team is the most important thing for me," said Joe. 
With the core from the first half remaining and a handful of new prospects and guys returning from injury, the Drillers take the field to start the second half with the postseason in mind.
Scott Hennessey: "We're going to build on that in the second half, and these guys, they want to win the half and they want to get in the playoffs again," Hennessey said. 
That trip starts Tuesday night at 7:05 on ONEOK Field.