Broken Arrow Woman's Travel Trailer Stolen From Storage Unit

Sunday, June 17th 2018, 6:32 pm
By: News On 6

A Broken Arrow woman is looking for her travel trailer after she says thieves drove away with it.

Tammie White says she was at work when she got a call from her husband saying that their travel trailer was missing. Tammie says she went to visit M&M storage unit last week, where she kept her travel trailer.

She couldn't believe someone had broken in and stolen their property.

"They would have had to hook it up to a truck to pull it," she said.

Tammie says the trailer was used frequently to visit her children and grandchildren.

"We cry a lot right now, because we want it back," said Tammie White, crime victim.

She tells me her husband bought it for her after she suffered health issues and to give her an opportunity to travel and relax.

"We took it out every other weekend," she said. "Every holiday we went to the lake with it. Our kids live out of town, so that was our way to cope with them not being in town."

The travel trailer is a Coachman bumper-pull model with a slideout on the left side. 

The trailer is worth about $26,000. She says they worked hard for the things they have and she wants it all back.

"What I want is whoever has our travel trailer please bring it back. We work hard. We both work hard for what we have."

Tammie says she has filed a report. If you've seen this trailer, you're asked to call the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office. 

She also made an appeal to the thieves.

"If you're seeing this, and you want to bring it back - park it at a Walmart and call the local police department. Say, 'hey, this is where the travel trailer is at.'

"We'll come get it. We just want our travel trailer back."