Tulsa Man Tries To Catch Neighbor's Apartment On Fire

Monday, June 11th 2018, 6:16 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa man is in jail accused of trying to set his neighbor's home on fire.
One of the victims was a News On 6 photojournalist.

It all started in one residence and ended in another. What's sad is the victims believe it all stems from mental illness.

Amira Feldman and her boyfriend Wes DeHart still can't believe their neighbor tried to set their home on fire.

"It went from bad to worse in just a matter of minutes," DeHart said. 

Amira was headed out to dinner Friday night when she called Wes and told him that their neighbor was acting strangely and she didn't feel safe. 

"I said if you see him don't engage him. Just do your thing, and if you're coming home on a lunch break just ignore him, and when he came home on his lunch break low and behold he was waiting for him with a baseball bat," Amira said. 

Wes said he was in his room when he heard a loud bang. That's when he grabbed his gun, came downstairs, and saw his neighbor peering through his kitchen wall."

"That's when I found out that he had lit something on fire, pushed it from his side over into our apartment," DeHart said. 

Wes said he started to smell smoke and saw ashes left on the floor.

When police and the fire department arrived, they surrounded the home and found Sammuel David McWhirt trying to run away.

Officers arrested McWhirt for first-degree arson then looked inside his residence. 

"They found drugs, paraphernalia, and he was stealing our electricity," Amira said. 

The couple said McWhirt cut the wires around their home in order to steal their electricity.
All they want now is to feel safe again.

"We just want the guy out. We don't want him to come home, we don't want him to post bail," Amira said. 

The couple said they're hoping to get a protective order against McWhirt.