Workers At Tulsa's BS&B May Go On Strike

Friday, June 8th 2018, 10:25 pm

Workers at Tulsa's BS&B a company that makes high-pressure safety valves for airplanes and trains are working without a contract.

They've been without an official contract since August and talks between union members and management stalled in December.

Currently, about 30 to 40 workers are demonstrating after their shifts. They say if things don't get better they'll have no choice but to strike.

Herb Sarty has worked for BS&B for 33 years he says this is the first time he's ever worked without a contract. He says workers can't see eye to eye on the new management style, overtime, and benefits.

"If it wasn't for us standing out here continue going on we would never get a contract."

As folks drove home this evening it sounded like this small group has quite a bit of support.

"I feel like they're behind us--you know, American job. We're American people working for our families and we support everything that we do and we take pride in the job that we do. We make equipment to protect other, we save lives," said Sarty.

Shelley Brazille has been punching the clock at BS&B for 40 years.

"On my 24th birthday was my first day,” said Brazille. "I want to be treated with respect and that has totally disappeared. The management has become very good at bullying here."

Upper management has given no response. Today I went to the main office and was told the head of HR was unavailable. So, these workers who've heard nothing about a contract since December are still left with no answers Friday.

"I'm proud of the work I do. I'm proud that I've been here 40 years, you don't hear about that anymore," said Brazille.

Michael Stroup is the President of USW Local 4992 and he says ultimately a strike is not what anyone wants.

“It’s more take than give from that side and we’re amicable to sitting back down and resolving this and just getting it done. We sat down in December, it was just the same song and dance, it’s like talking in circles. With any union, there are talks of strikes and everything and we’re hoping to avoid that because that’s not good for the company, it not good for us and it’s certainly no good for our customers.”

The demonstrations started a couple weeks ago and will continue into next week.