Tulsa Man Hit While Trying To Recover Stolen Truck

Wednesday, June 6th 2018, 1:15 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

A Tulsa man is going to be okay after he was hit by his own truck Wednesday, which had been stolen.

A chaotic scene unfolded in a neighborhood near 31st and Harvard where you can see tire marks left behind from one of the three vehicles involved.

After being checked out by EMSA, Johnny Medford was able to walk away after being hit by his own truck.

Tulsa police said the situation could have been so much worse adding Medford should have called them for help instead of taking matters into his own hands. 

"I was scared. I said, 'uh oh. I'm dead.'," Medford said. 

"Property is not worth dying over," said Tulsa Police Corporal Carl Goforth. 

Police said Medford and his friends were in his car about to go to the bank when they spotted his truck, which he reported stolen earlier in the day. 

Officers said the group tried to block the truck from going anywhere, but it moved backward, hitting a parked car.

Medford got out to confront the woman in his truck. 

"He went straight for the driver door. He was trying to get the door open because he was gonna try to pull her out," said witness Kelly Lomax.  

But Medford and his friends said she kept driving, hitting him and causing him to land on the roof of the truck.

"I went up in the sky and come down," Medford said. 

"He came flying down and that's when I was running across the street to him. And she was already halfway up the street," Lomax said. 

Medford's truck is a 2004 Chevy Silverado. The tags read GQS-662. 

Police said the truck can only drive in low gear at about 30 miles per hour. 

And there's another detail Medford said folks can look out for. 

"I got a [black and white] scarf hanging on the mirror,” Medford said. 

If you see the truck or have any idea where it might be, call Crime Stoppers at (918) 596-COPS.