Water Line Breaks Under Tulsa Street Impacting Businesses

Wednesday, June 6th 2018, 6:26 am
By: Joseph Holloway

Tulsa city crews are working to fix a water main break near Charles Page Avenue and 81st West Avenue.

Crews said they're repairing a 12-inch line near 79th West Avenue and that's why they have an eastbound outside lane of Charles Page closed right now.

The city said 15 businesses are without water.

Amber Harrison and Amanda Zuniga said they showed up for work at Miss Mandi's Preschool and noticed the water was not working properly.

"Our water pressure is, like, almost gone and so our toilets are having problems flushing so we can't have kids without running water," said Harrison. 

It's all because of a 12-inch water main break across the street that left a flowing stream nearly a half-mile wide.

Preschool managers called the parents of more than 40 children to let them know school was out for the day.

Teachers said running water is a must when you're working with young children.

“Our kids that are potty-training that go to the bathroom all day long … it wouldn't be a good thing if you can't flush the toilets,” Harrison said. 

“They also drink water all day long,” Zuniga said. 

The city of Tulsa said they plan to be out there most of the day.

Zuniga said she wouldn't be surprised to see traffic issues because of how busy the street can get.

"People fly down here so I believe it's gonna cause some traffic problems," Zuniga said. 

The city said they should have the line fixed in 6 to 8 hours.

These two teachers at Miss Mandy’s Daycare say the water main break on Charles Page is forcing them to close today. Their boss had to call parents of more than 40 kids to let them know. @NewsOn6 pic.twitter.com/8DJkfk7Ln5

— Joseph Holloway (@a_cupof_JOE) June 6, 2018


A water main break early Wednesday could impact traffic in west Tulsa.