Police Investigating Possible Murder-Suicide Of Owasso Couple

Monday, June 4th 2018, 7:05 pm
By: News On 6

Owasso Police are investigating what they believe to be a murder-suicide.

The two found killed inside the home were identified as 36-year-old Matthew Clark and his wife, 29-year-old Eva Clark.

Eva's family said she was calm and understanding and that she and Matthew were both great parents to their 7-year-old daughter.

Both families were shocked to hear the news.

Neighbor Beverly Corey was also shocked when she woke up to the news that tragedy hit her Owasso neighborhood.

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"You hate it when something happens and you wished you could've done something, maybe reached out," she said.

Police said a family member of one of the people killed called 911 Sunday night when they couldn't get ahold of the couple.

"Dispatch received a call, I believe from one of the parents, advising that they thought there was a problem medically," said Captain Tracy Townsend with Owasso Police.

When paramedics got inside the home, police said they found the couple shot to death.

"It's my understanding that all the firearms that were collected were in the same room," Townsend said.

Family members the 7-year-old daughter was not home when the shooting happened. They said she's safe with family now.

Detectives said all the evidence they have found so far points to a murder-suicide.

"It's my understanding that we have had calls to the residence before, I believe they were domestic related," said Townsend.

Detectives said the next steps in their investigation will take time. They are still waiting for evidence to be processed and reports from the medical examiner.

It's something Townsend said Owasso hasn't seen in more than a decade.

"You don't ever expect it to be someplace, but it is a little bit heartbreaking when you find out it's in a neighborhood like that," he said.

The victim's family said they weren't aware of any marital issues. Now their only focus is the couple's little girl.