TPD Looking For Suspects After Shots Fired Before, After Crash

Tuesday, May 29th 2018, 5:50 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Surveillance cameras captured the moment a chase between a car and an SUV turned into a crash, then a shooting.

Several people shot at each other, but they ran off before police got there.

An argument started across the street with gunfire, then two cars came out of the complex at high speed and wrecked near 21st Street and 77th East Avenue.

The SUV was chasing the car after shots were fired earlier. The driver of the SUV got out and fired more shots at the people in the car that rolled over.

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In the end, everyone ran.

In happened in front of Melissa's Duvall's house.

"Little did I know when I walked out on my porch I would see a man shooting at another man at such close distance. It was terrifying," Duvall said.

She's got a bullet hole in a window but wasn't hurt.

"I'm thankful my kids weren't there. I'm thankful for God's protection over us. It still shouldn't happen this close to our house," she said.

The dispute started at the Colonial Park Apartments, where there's a trail of blood from a woman who had a minor leg injury.

"For gunshots to be ringing out like this, it's not the best, at all," neighbor Luke Harding said.

Neighbors in the complex took cover when the shooting started.

"It wasn't just cars, it was gunshots all through this complex," Harding said.

Frank and Irene Garcia were afraid to look out.

"And after I heard the crash, that's when I started hearing gunfire and I heard multiple shots and it sounded like more than one gun going off," Garcia said.

Neighbor Edward Craig said, "I heard a lot of shooting, from one end of the breezeway to the next."

Where the shootout ended, the neighbors are thankful no one else was hurt.

"I don't know what happened, or why one car was rammed up behind another one, or why they were shooting at each other, but it's sad when it comes to this, and I wish they could take their argument somewhere else," said Duvall.

Police have the cars and they're tracking down suspects from there, but no arrests have been made yet.