Truck Stolen From Tulsa Hospital Meant To Be Graduation Gift, Owner Says

Thursday, May 24th 2018, 6:13 pm
By: Emory Bryan

A man who was visiting Saint Francis Hospital hopes someone will spot his truck that was stolen out of the parking lot.

He was at the hospital near 61st and Yale Tuesday overnight and that's when someone took off with his truck.

Chris Crawford was taking care of his mother in the hospital when someone helped themselves to his truck. It's an F-250 King Ranch. The one he's been really careful with. The one he just paid off.

“The interior immaculate, no rips, no tears, it's been babied,” said Crawford.

His truck was parked in a surface lot outside the main entrance when it disappeared during the night.

"No signs of any glass on the ground, it was locked, I know exactly where I parked it,” said Crawford. “Any type of theft is terrible, and I can't stand thieves or liars, and it's aggravating."

To make it worse, he used the truck for towing his toys around, including the cars he races with his son.

He had it equipped just for that and now he doesn't have it. And his son won't get it.

"My son was a little disappointed because it was going to be his graduation gift in two years," Crawford said. 

He said the hospital didn't have cameras in the far reaches of the parking lot and the police have told him he's not likely to get it back in one piece.

"Those factory King Ranch wheels go for about $1,000, just like that ... they're 20-inch wheels so they're desirable," said Crawford. 

But he's still hopeful that someone will see it and call police.

The truck is a 2006 model, but there aren't too many of those King Ranch diesels on the road, so if you've seen it call Tulsa Police.