Reports Show New Bacone College President Formerly Accused Of Misconduct

Wednesday, May 23rd 2018, 6:39 pm
By: News On 6

Documents obtained by News On 6 show newly hired Bacone College President Dr. Ferlin Clark was accused of misconduct at his former Arizona college. Clark was ultimately fired there in 2010.

A 188-page report sent to News On 6 details misconduct from bullying to physical threats.

In the detailed report, 35 people were interviewed, including Dr. Ferlin Clark himself.

Employees claim Dr. Clark, who was president at Arizona's Dine' College at the time, harassed, intimidated, and bullied them.

Employees said Clark also threatened them with physical harm and created a hostile work environment.

In the interviews, employees admitted they were not reporting concerns in writing because they were afraid of retaliation from Clark or their supervisors.

The report called Clark's management style abrasive, abrupt, and disrespectful.

Employees said Clark was abusive and played favorites with his employees and his students.

One former female employee said Clark asked her to have private lunches, gave her an expensive gift, and asked her to take trips away from school with him.

In Clark's interview, he said his management style was no abrasive and he did not need to tone down his "antics."

A source close to the investigation said Clark destroyed Dine' College before he was essentially forced to step down by the Navajo Supreme Court in the fall of 2010.

Clark was announced as Bacone's new president earlier this month.