Glenpool Firefighter ‘Baby Boom’ Getting National Attention

Wednesday, May 23rd 2018, 5:49 pm
By: News On 6

One hundred years ago, it was the oil boom that put Glenpool on the map. Today, the city's getting lots of attention for another boom, a baby boom at the fire department.

It’s a pretty famous little group of babies as their pictures have been all over social media, local and national news.

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Seven firefighter families having babies in a year. What is in the water down there?

"Oh, yeah, there's been tons of comments on the internet about that," Allysa shanks said.

Shanks came up with the whole group photo idea; Avery Dykes took the pictures.

"We just waited for Gracie to be born, the youngest. Four weeks ago she was born," she said.

Let's meet all of them:

Jovie is the oldest at 15 months. Cowen will be a year old Saturday. Saylor Shanks is about to be 10 months. Brodie comes in at seven months. Henley is four months old, just three days older than Kadance. Finally, at four-weeks-old is Gracie Lynn.

There it is, the Glenpool firefighter baby class of 2017 and 18.

They are already planning reunion photo sessions as the kids grow up.