Sexual Predator Arrested In Undercover Sting, Wagoner Co. Sheriff Says

Monday, May 21st 2018, 2:15 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Wagoner County Sheriff's Office said they've arrested a man who was grooming a "staggering" number of teenage girls over social media to meet for sex.  They warn parents that there may be victims they've yet to locate.

Dustin Clark, 38, is being held for numerous charges including solicitation of lewd acts from a minor under age 16, using a computer to solicit lewd acts and conversations with a minor under 16 and violating parole.

“This Dusty Clark character is one prolific predator,” said Sheriff Chris Elliott.  

“He convinced several victims to send photos that are now evidence in a criminal case. We’re concerned there are a whole lot more victims out there that we don’t know about.” 

Elliott said Clark posed as a man named "Easton Sloan."

The sheriff’s office says they were able to track the suspect down thanks to a 15-year-old girl and her family.

“I feel good knowing that he’s off the streets, because I wasn’t really worried about my safety, but about everyone else’s around me,” said 15-year-old Samantha Thornburg.

Thornburg says he originally contacted her several weeks ago.

“It was this big, long message about how he wanted to do certain things and meet up and everything, so I took it to my mom,” she said.

She says her mom said to tell the man she was 15.

Thornburg says Clark stopped contacting her, then he reached back out.

She says he told her, “I don’t care about age.  I just want you to come meet me.  If you keep it a secret, I’ll pay you.”

Sheriff Chris Elliott says Thornburg and her mom went to the sheriff’s office when Clark propositioned the teen for sex.

Undercover officers posed as the 15-year-old girl to trap him, according to the sheriff.  She told authorities about Sloan sending her lewd private messages, and a team of investigators took over her account.

District Attorney Jack Thorp said Clark was a "textbook sexual predator" who adapted his tactics after learning more about his potential victims.  He told some girls he was dying and wanted to spend his last months "pampering his special girl," a news release states.

Authorities say he told some girls he was a drug dealer and hustler and still others that he was a successful businessman looking to be a "super secret sugar daddy."

Detectives arranged to meet Clark at a fast food restaurant then go to a motel for sex, the news release states.  A county employee waited inside the restaurant.

Although Clark didn't show, the sheriff said they had enough evidence for investigators to arrest Clark at his mother's house Friday.

“When these big old guys told Clark they didn’t appreciate being stood up at the restaurant he realized they were the ‘sweet young thing’ he’d been grooming,” Elliott said.  “From that moment on, he confirmed everything we already knew, and, unfortunately, much more.”

“Over a period of about three weeks, this individual had contacted 100 different females, ages in the range between 14 to 20 years of age,” said Elliott.

Elliott says parents should always be aware of what their kids are doing online and to always report anything suspicious.

Investigators ask parents to talk to teenage girls about whether they've had encounters with "Easton Sloan," "Easton Gooddieyoung," or Dusty Clark.  If you have any information, call the sheriff's office at (918)485-3124.