An Inside Look At Tulsa Police Department's New Amber Alert Office

Monday, May 14th 2018, 11:23 pm
By: Brian Dorman

Take a look inside Tulsa Police Department’s new Amber Alert Office.

It’s an expanded space that’s proving to be more efficient than what investigators had before.

That space was put to the test last Wednesday when a teenager was abducted by a former boyfriend at her school bus stop.

"By everyone's account it was a violent abduction," said Tulsa Police Sergeant John Adams.

Last Wednesday, police say 20-year-old Tony George took 16-year-old Desi Hunt as she waited for her school bus.

George was arrested and booked into jail on complaints of kidnapping and domestic assault and battery.

"Her fellow supposed friends and her fellow schoolmates, every single one of them have cellular phones,” stated Adams.  “Not a single one of them called 9-1-1."

At the new and improved Amber Alert center, this is where vital tips eventually came in that helped bring Desi safely home.

“Everything was jammed into one room.  When you would have an incident, an amber alert, you would have 10 officers in one small room," said Adams.

But now, dispatchers will have their own space to work the phone bank, with investigators just outside the room in a new command center with the incident management team.

Adams says, “Whenever there's an amber alert, it's all hands on deck."

Also new, a space for intel officers to plug in and work side-by-side with the team during an abduction when things can get quickly hectic.  Adams says last week it all proved to run better, but in the end, it's your tips that matter most.

"The more eyes, the more ears we have out there, the sooner we can locate that child," he said.

George is still locked up in the Tulsa County Jail on a $30,000 bond awaiting formal charges.