BOK Green Rooms Give Artists A Taste Of Tulsa

Wednesday, May 9th 2018, 5:59 pm
By: News On 6

Within the last week, The BOK Center has hosted Justin Timberlake and U2, and Willie Nelson and George Strait are on the way.

Before and after their shows, artists have a chance to relax in some newly decorated green rooms.  

Last week, U2 packed the house at the BOK Center. Folks who were there saw 'em on stage, but before and after they could hang out in the green room.

The BOK Center has three recently redecorated greenrooms and Meghan Blood, the center's Director of Marketing, is showing them off.

“Green room number 1, this is the room we dedicated to Leon Russell," Blood said. 

She said before it was just four blank walls, but they've added images of Leon Russell and the logo for his Church Studio.

Number 2, she said, is her favorite.

“This one's my favorite because this picture on the wall was taken during one of [Garth Brooks'] 7 shows here," she said. 

The third's dedicated to Woody Guthrie. They worked with the Woody Guthrie Center and Artist John Hammer to get the artwork.

She said these themed rooms help give artists who come here a taste of where they are.

“It helps celebrate Oklahoma music and I think Tulsa too," Blood said. 

The rooms are furnished for each event, based on the needs of the group.

Why do they call them green rooms when they really aren't green? No one knows for sure, except that hundreds of years ago, several famous English theaters had off stage rooms for actors, and they were painted or decorated in green, and the tradition of calling all of them “green room” just stuck.