Claremore Standoff Ends In Arrests

Friday, April 27th 2018, 3:32 pm

Claremore police have two people in custody after a car burglary investigation turned into a three-hour standoff.

Officers used teargas to get one of the suspects to surrender.

A burglar broke into a house and two cars near 10th Street and Dorothy Avenue Thursday night and police found the suspects right across the street.

The standoff ended with an arrest and no one injured but it started with Tanner Martin realizing that sound in the middle of the night was someone breaking the window on his car.

“Nothing in it, that's what I don't get. Nothing in there. $20 headphones maybe,” said Martin.

A couple of doors down, Sage Martin's house was burglarized while she wasn't home.

“I've never felt uneasy living here and just didn't really expect it,” said Smith. 

Police responded and the investigation didn't take long.

“Multiple calls coming in of people finding stuff missing. We got quick information that we might have our suspects across the street here,” said Claremore Police Officer Brian Bennett. 

Police surrounded the house and a 16-year-old boy came out on his own.

It took some persuasion, however, to get Justin Blue to give up.

Officers fired tear gas into the house before he came out with his hands up. He was taken into custody for an outstanding warrant and burglary.

Police said they found more inside than that what had been reported missing.

“We encourage people in the area who have had items stolen, particularly from a car, to report those items to us, because we might actually have them,” said Bennett. 

The arrest gives the neighbors a chance for a better night's sleep.
“I got excited. This is great, nobody got shot, he's coming out, justice served,” said Martin. 

Police arrested Blue on a warrant for a charge of knowingly concealing stolen property.