Driver Fires At Car During Road Rage Incident, Tulsa Police Say

Friday, April 27th 2018, 11:22 am

A man is in jail after Tulsa police say he fired his gun several times on the Broken Arrow Expressway Friday. 

The driver who called 911 said the whole situation was surreal as if it came straight out of a movie.

Tulsa Police said the suspect, Johnny Johnson, shot at a woman while driving on the BA near Garnett. Officers said road rage led to the shooting. 

"She looked scared, honestly like I looked at her. She looked just terrified," said witness Xris Pennington. 

Pennington was close by and watched as he says Johnson had one hand on the steering wheel and a gun in the other.

"He shot two rounds right in front of me. I saw the weapon recoil. I saw him nodding his head like 'yeah,' and I was just like I can't believe this is going down," Pennington said. 

Pennington said the woman got off the highway but he stayed on the phone with police and followed Johnson until he eventually stopped at 11th and Utica.

"She took off like a bat out of hell," Pennington said. "I thought if this guy catches up to her in this traffic and gets out, he could kill her." 

Police said Pennington, who's a veteran, did everything right by calling for help and said there are a few things all drivers can do to keep road rage incidents from getting to this point. 

First of all, try to get away, either by exiting or slowing down.

Don't honk or do anything that could make the situation worse. If the situation escalates, call 911.

And finally, try to go to a safe place where there could be surveillance cameras or other people around who could be potential witnesses. 

Pennington said what he saw is a lesson all drivers can learn from, adding, "It's not worth your life." 

If the victim comes forward, police said Johnson could face a charge of shooting with intent to kill.

Police said they aren't sure if anyone was injured during the shooting.