TPS Campus Police Commend Student For Reporting BB Gun On Campus

Tuesday, April 24th 2018, 9:47 pm
By: Amy Avery

Tulsa Public Schools Campus Police are commending a student after he reported that another student had a BB gun on campus.

While it turned out to be a BB gun, police say it’s still very serious and it’s a case of the system working.

“We’re concerned about the feeling of safety, so whether it’s a BB gun or an airsoft gun or a gun with a real bullet, we are all still concerned,” said Matthias Wicks, TPS Chief of Police.

Campus police officers were called to Edison Middle School on Tuesday after a student told teachers a weapon was on campus.  Officers got to the school and worked with officials to determine it was a BB gun, but say they would've never known if that student hadn't come forward.

“It’s very important for students if they see something, hear something, definitely come forward and share it with another adult in the school,” stated Wicks.

Wicks says, once they hear about a threat on campus, they act quickly to alert any other resources that they may need, like student family services or law enforcement agencies.

“We actually work together as a team, so once we get it, we work on it immediately,” said Wicks.

With school threats continuing to be a concern, TPS Campus Police is working to keep students and teachers prepared in case something would happen.

Wicks says, “we want to be on the forefront of that so, when they get in that classroom, they feel secure and feel safe and they graduate, they succeed academically and socially.”

“Our students are very safety conscious and we appreciate they’re willing to speak and as soon as they hear or see something they share it,” stated Wicks.

The school district will not release any information on whether any disciplinary action was taken on the student because of their age.

TPS says they worked to keep parents informed in a timely manner and, as always, student safety is their top priority.