Jenks Rolls Out The Red Carpet For Returning Teachers After Walkout

Monday, April 16th 2018, 8:35 am
By: Dave Davis

Jenks teachers got a red carpet welcome as they returned from two weeks of education rallies for school funding. Parents and students lined up at Jenks East Intermediate to welcome the teachers in style. 

There is also a catered lunch planned for the educators following the school shutdown.

Though students and teachers returned Monday, the district doesn't have a plan yet to make up time lost during the walkout. As of now, the last day of school is May 31st, but it's not clear if that date will move or if hours will be tacked on the end of the days.

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The district is saying they will let everyone know and indicated one of the things they're waiting on is the school board's decision. Their next meeting is April 19th - on Thursday. They also say they will let parents and teachers know how "end of year testing" will be scheduled.

"I think they'll make the best decision for everyone," parent Heather Turner said. "We have an incredible board of directors here and they always try to take everyone's needs and challengers into account."

There are federally mandated tests that certain grades must take, and those are critical in order for school districts to receive federal funding.