Escaped Convict Caught In Muskogee Officer's Stolen Truck, Police Say

Thursday, April 12th 2018, 10:42 am
By: News On 6

Police say a prisoner who walked away from a prison in Muskogee County is back behind bars.

Police arrested Nathan Harmon during a traffic stop in Oklahoma City Wednesday night. They said he escaped from Jess Dunn Correctional Center on March 29th.

After more than 2 weeks on the run, Oklahoma City Police arrested Harmon. They said he was driving the same getaway vehicle he stole in Muskogee.

"A white Chevy Silverado pickup with a stolen tag on the truck," said Officer Megan Morgan.  

Officers said when Harmon escaped, he climbed over a razor wire fence, then stole a pickup truck belonging to Muskogee Police Officer James Folsom. 

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"I had them run and check and see if my truck was in the driveway. Sure enough, it wasn't," Folsom said. 

Folsom said his kids got home just 30 minutes after the truck was stolen.

"Things could've been so much worse if my kids would have walked in on him. There's no telling. We could be doing a completely different story today," he said. 

Investigators said Harmon was still driving Folsom's truck when officers arrested him.

"He was transported to the Oklahoma County Jail on one count of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, one count of concealing stolen property, and multiple warrants as well as false impersonation," said Officer Morgan. 

DOC Director Joe Allbaugh said, "this just goes to show that if you walk or run away from one of our facilities, we will find and arrest you, ultimately."

A sentiment Folsom said he couldn't agree with more. 
"People need to know what this guy’s capable of. There's really no limits you can put on him," he said. 

Folsom said that he's since added security upgrades to his home.

Harmon will eventually be taken back to prison in Muskogee County, where he's expected to face new charges.