'Girl Attorneys' Provide Muscle In Support Of OK Teacher Walkout

Monday, April 9th 2018, 6:53 pm
By: News On 6

Around 200 female attorneys marched to the Capitol Monday, dressed in all black, to add pressure to our lawmakers to fully fund public education.

The attorneys said they weren’t there to take over, but to be the muscle behind the movement, and the crowd was ecstatic to see them.

They call themselves the “Girl Attorneys.”

"The “Girl Attorney” moniker was kind of a joke because we tend to, sometimes, in our profession, we get looked down upon because we're women," attorney Stacy Acord said. "I think they better not underestimate us."

Monday, no one looked down on them. Instead, thousands cheered them on like heroes as they forged their way through a sea of teachers to sit down with lawmakers.

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"Some people have accused us of trying to make a scene, and I'm like, ‘I was trying to make a scene,’" attorney Becki Murphy said.

Acord said, "Our job here is not to take over and come in to save the day. What we want to do is support them, show them that we stand with them."

The women split up into groups, asking lawmakers the hard questions.

They said if there is no action, they're prepared to run for office themselves if that's what it takes.

"Which seats do we need to replace and who is willing to run against them? And then make sure they're actually a viable candidate who's going to do something for our teachers," Murphy said.

But, for now, they'll stay on the other side of the ballot box to show teachers they're not alone in this fight.

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Acord said, "If a teacher sees a lady in a black suit, she knows that's an attorney here that doesn't have to be here but she's here to support us."

The attorneys said Monday wasn’t the end. They said if legislators don't act they have a plan moving forward to continue advocating for Oklahoma teachers.