'Women In Black' Propose Solutions To Oklahoma Teacher Walkout

Monday, April 9th 2018, 10:11 am
By: News On 6

More than 100 women attorneys are at the state Capitol Monday trying to work with lawmakers on a resolution to end the walkout.

Becki Murphy from Tulsa organized the group.

Oklahoma attorneys with Girl Attorney, LLC walked from the Oklahoma Bar Association to the state Capitol, and every one of them was dressed in black.

The lawyers made appointments with lawmakers to present funding proposals supporting a resolution to the teacher walkout, which started its second week Monday.  News On 6 got to sit in on a meeting with the attorneys and some teachers as they talked with Rep. Glen Mulready at the Capitol.

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"Most of us are mothers, many of us are married to teachers - including myself - and we thought about, what can we do," said attorney Stacy Acord. 

"So the idea, it started out small than it grew into. And the idea was, let's just bring a contingent of women attorneys to the capitol just to show our support for teachers and hopefully, with our negotiating skills as attorneys, maybe we can provide a little insight."

The attorneys say they hope to end the school shutdown by drafting news releases, preparing talking points, and even writing a letter to Governor Mary Fallin.

Tulsa Attorney Becki Murphy initiated the idea on Facebook. In the viral post, Murphy announced more than 100 fellow female attorneys from Oklahoma have asked to meet with legislators to “discuss a resolution to this educational funding nightmare.” The post attracted support from all over with more than 11,000 shares. 

Murphy, an adoption attorney and mother from Tulsa, told lawmakers, “There will be change, and it will be for the better of our children.

“Let me be clear about one thing, we need change. And you will do it, or you have my word… one of the 100 women by my side will file for your seat," wrote Murphy.