What It Will Take For Jenks Public School Teachers To End Their Walkout

Monday, April 9th 2018, 5:23 am
By: Joseph Holloway

More than 700 teachers, parents and students left Jenks High School Monday, heading for the Capitol, as the teacher walkout hit day 6.

They said they are going to continue in the walkout until legislators meet their demands. For the Jenks Classroom Teachers Association, that means $25 million be appropriated for education funding.

"If we can see a supplemental appropriations of $25 million into public education, Jenks will suspend its walkout," said JCTA President Michael Horn.

That's what Jenks teachers are asking legislators to approve before its teachers and students can return to the classroom.

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Horn said that money is just a start, and more funding will be needed in years to come.

"Thirteen-year continued cuts to education, this is a process that's gonna take us years to get out of," he said.

Alex Kern teaches math at Jenks High School and said he's glad to see an end goal on the table because he's ready to get back to work.

"Coming off Spring Break, we got together for one week, which felt a little bit weird because everyone knew this was looming, so I look forward to getting back in and finishing up and getting through everything we need to do," Kerns said.

Horn promised that lawmakers would still see plenty of Jenks teachers even if they go back to class, saying many teachers would go to the Capitol in smaller groups to advocate for more funding.

"We can then be energized back in the classroom doing what we need to do with our students but also can be at the Capitol. I believe those things can be achieved at the same time," he said.

Many the teachers said they were able to meet with legislators last week.