Walkout Momentum Still Strong, Teachers Say

Sunday, April 8th 2018, 6:12 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

Teachers across Green Country are getting ready to head back to the Capitol and fight for education funding.

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While they may be home for the weekend, it's not stopping them from spreading their message.

As teachers prepare for another day outside the classroom and away from their students, they're not sitting around at home, but standing at the intersection of 21st and Garnett, hoping support from drivers turns into action.

"We need help from the community to call the legislators and tell them to fully fund education," said Pre-K Teacher Jyll Baskin. 

Baskin said the things she needs in her classroom go beyond books and supplies. 

"Sadly, heat and air and sometimes running water. Sometimes our water fountain doesn't work," Baskin said.

She plans to fight for solutions when she goes back to the Capitol tomorrow.

Those who may not be able to make it to the Capitol are using this opportunity to make their voices heard.

"Even though I can't go to the Capitol, I am able to still prove my point," said East Central Junior High 7th Grader Lydia Rodriguez.

"We are provided a free education, but it's not really free," she said. 

While she supports her teachers, she's looking forward to the day she goes back to class. 

3rd Grade Teacher Elizabeth Freeman said the momentum for the walkout is still strong. 

She walked the first leg of the trip from Tulsa to OKC with other teachers and she's not giving up the fight anytime soon.

"It's worth it. It's worth it. The goal is in sight," Freeman said.