Uncovering A Treasure Trove In Tulsa Of Musical History

Friday, April 6th 2018, 7:43 am
By: News On 6

Music memorabilia has never been more popular or valuable and few people have a finer collection of it than Tulsa's legendary Jim Halsey.  Now, he'd like to share.

"I haven't saved all this stuff, I just haven't thrown anything away," said Jim Halsey.

The legendary Jim Halsey has represented 27 members of the Country Music Hall of Fame and ten Rock and Roll Hall of Famers.  

I asked him who wore one jacket.  

"Lee Greenwood wore this at the White House when he sang, God Bless the USA," said Jim Halsey.

Greenwood was singing for the 41st President of the United States.  I was trying to think of a musician with the initials G.B. and I couldn't think of one. 

"Those are George H.W. Bush's boots," said Jim Halsey.

Aboard Air Force One, the president took a fancy to a pair of lizard boots worn by one of the Oak Ridge Boys, so he swapped.

"He put them on and they fit, so here, I'll just keep these and you can have my boots," said Jim Halsey.

A treasured item in a collection seven decades in the making.

"We have warehouses full of iconic material that go back 69 years.I have, 104 drawer filing cabinets that are full and that is where the real archives are, the contracts, letters, proposals," said Jim Halsey.  "But this is Bob Dylan's signed, which you know he's very particular about signing anything."

The Dylan guitar, not the only guitar in this collection.  This gives me goosebumps!  Check it out, Paul McCartney ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, over here, every heard of these fellas?  Billy Joel, guy named Springsteen, Eric Clapton. It's an amazing collection and it needs a home!"

Perhaps in the burgeoning Tulsa Arts District.

"Tulsa has become the epicenter of intellectual properties, with the Woody Guthrie properties, the Bob Dylan properties, OK Pop, I think we're the next thing that would really compliment them," said Jim Halsey.

Halsey says while all of this represents the past,it's designed to fuel the future.

"I feel a mandate to teach young people.  This is all iconic, historical memorabilia that can help people learn and get inspired by it and say, you know, I can do that too," said Jim Halsey.

And to facilitate that, Halsey expects to soon release an online music industry tutorial, a series of lessons from the very best in the business. Jim Halsey, isn't slowing down!