Released: Body Cam Video Of Fatal Owasso Shooting

Monday, April 2nd 2018, 9:30 pm
By: Brian Dorman

Two Owasso police officers remain on leave after their involvement in the deadly shooting of war veteran Duane Preciado. 

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News On 6 sat down with Preciado's fiancée hours after she first saw police body camera video of the shooting

Stephanie Perdew said she's confused and frustrated. 

She left wondering how in 5-minutes the situation grew so out of control that her soon-to-be husband was killed.

Body Camera Audio:
Police: Duane? Owasso Police Department.    
Duane: Get the f*** out of my house before I shoot you.
Police: Don't f****** threaten that s*** we're not here to hurt you. 

"They knew they were dealing with an individual that may have some suicidal thoughts," said Chief Scott Chambless.  

Body Camera Audio:
Duane: Get out of my house. 
Police: We're not in your house 
Duane: Get out of my (inaudible) 
Police: Alrighty then, let's f****** play this game. 

"It's an unfortunate situation all the way around. For us it's a very dangerous situation," Chambless said. 

On March 21st, officers were called to Preciado's house for a welfare check. His family said he was drinking, depressed, and suffered from PTSD. 

"The opportunity for de-escalation is gone. The only opportunities that the officers have at that point and time is to defend themselves," said Chambless.  

"There are four different occasions in which Preciado threatened to shoot. There are two occasions in which he threatened to kill them," Chambless said. 

Officer: "Drop the gun, drop the gun man (shots fired). Shots fired start paramedics." 

I met with Preciado's fiancée right after she saw this video. 

"It was a cry for help," said Perdew.  

Stephanie wishes the officers could have de-escalated the situation but the chief said it unfolded too quickly. Stephanie now wants more done for our soldiers.

“Why are we not standing behind the people that fight for our country? Why are we not helping them transition into civilian life?I miss having my best friend to come home to every night,” said Perdew.  

The chief said he is empathetic and they try to resolve these situations in a way that doesn't end like this. 
He said many of his officers have a military background. 

In fact, he said in Duane's case, the 911 operator was actually a combat veteran.