Search & Rescue Dogs From Across The U.S. In Tulsa For Training

Tuesday, March 20th 2018, 10:01 pm
By: Ashley Izbicki

Search dogs from nearly a dozen states are training in Tulsa for extreme rescue missions.

Tulsa has one of the few facilities that can offer this type of training for canine search and rescue teams.

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They'll respond to disasters here in Oklahoma, or across the country, with the goal of finding people trapped or, worst case, human remains.

>> Eric Darling, Canine Search Specialist

"You see that light bulb kick on when it's time to go do the hunt,” said Canine Search Specialist Eric Darling.  “When she's in the hunt drive for her working, it's pretty unique and pretty amazing to watch."

Superfit Canine is hosting the event.

The teams will be tasked with finding 'live-victims' – sniffing through scenarios, including concrete rubble and pallet piles.

The goal is to make sure they're ready to serve the community when the next disaster strikes.

Darling says "it doesn't matter the disaster that we get called upon.  The dogs have four-wheel drive.  They have a very strong nose.  They can get into places that we cannot get.  So, when time is of the essence to find people who are still trapped, buried, blown to different spots, but they're still alive, we need to be able to get there quickly."

Tomorrow is part two of training, which will include a mix of state and federal handlers.