Sofie, Famous Barred Owl Of Midtown Tulsa, Dies

Monday, March 19th 2018, 3:43 pm
By: Dee Duren

Sofie, one of the Barred Owls of midtown Tulsa followed by over 2,000 people on Facebook, died over the weekend. Owlbert and Sofie lived in a tree on a midtown street where a group of animal lovers did their best to protect them.

Sofie and Owlbert raised several owlets over the years and were set to raise more. On Saturday, however, Sofie was not found in her usual spots and never returned to the nest.

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Her body was found in a neighbor's yard with no signs of trauma, according to Facebook updates. She was taken to Forest Trails Animal Hospital where the veterinarian said a liver condition caused her death.

Barred Owls of Midtown

The doctor also found two pellets and one BB, and moderators remind the public that barred owls are protected under federal law. It is illegal to shoot at them.

Sofie had two eggs in the nest, and they have been taken to experienced rehabbers. 

"We felt that it would only be right to give them a chance," the moderator said.

Livefeed from the nest

Sofie and Owlbert became famous when neighbors protested the destruction of trees for a parking lot in 2016.