Young Girl In Hospital After Muskogee Apartment Fire

Saturday, January 20th 2018, 8:54 am

A little girl is in the hospital after an apartment fire in Muskogee burned almost a third of her body. 

Five families living at the complex are displaced and getting help. 

Drone footage shows how much damage the fire did to the building.

A fire. which burnt for nearly three hours, left significant damage to the Village East apartment building Saturday morning.

Firefighters said it all started in the northwest corner apartment on the second floor and spread from unit to unit. 

Raven Perales' mom saw a six-year-old escape the building. 

"The little girl … she was running outside and she was like, 'I got burned, momma, I got burned.' And it was upsetting to hear that," said Perales.  

Muskogee Assistant Fire Marshal Scott Crow said she was flown to a Tulsa hospital and is being treated for burns to 30 percent of her body. 

As water rushed down the stairs, people had the chance to go back inside and grab whatever they could save.

Firefighters said three units are a total loss, others can be restored. 

Firefighters said one reason the flames spread so quickly to other units is because several doors were left open.

"What we have his people in a panic and trying to escape worried about the situation. It's all a tragedy no one's responding correctly but in that moment if you just shut the door, bedroom door if your fire is located in the bedroom shut that door if it's in the apartment shut the door going out," Crow said.  

Crow said he believes the fire was accidental, caused by an electrical issue.

Firefighters said five families are displaced but are getting help from the Red Cross.

The Salvation Army is standing by.

"We'll be ready to provide them with food, clothes, household items," said Marcela Paige with the Salvation Army. 

Neighbors are offering support, too. 

"I would just want to pray for the families that live in there. And the little girl that got burned, I would do anything for her," Perales said.