Tulsa Woman To Face Trial For First-Degree Murder

Thursday, October 26th 2017, 8:16 pm
By: News On 6

A murder suspect is heading to court and the victim's family said they can't wait to get justice.

Prosecutors said Brittany Wright ran over Briana Dean, killing her last year. 

Jury selection in that first-degree murder trial starts Monday at the Tulsa county courthouse.

Dean leaves behind two children and if the suspect is convicted, that'll be even more children who'll have to grow up without a mother.

"As long as I don't think about it I'm OK," said Dean’s mother Sherri Peetom. 

But seeing her grandchildren run around every day, Sherri Peetom does think about it. A lot. 

Her daughter and the children's mother died after being run over by a car. 

Brittany Wright will soon stand trial for it.

"She's always telling Ava to be careful because cars will kill you. They'll hurt you," said Peetom

For the most part, Peetom said that youthful innocence is still there. 

All they know is that mommy is in heaven, but at 4 years old, the oldest still remembers her mom.

"Just the other day she had a meltdown and wanted mom so that was hard," said Peetom.

Wright is charged with first-degree murder, child neglect (police said her 10-year-old was in the backseat), assault with a dangerous weapon, and leaving the scene of a fatality collision.

Peetom said Wright was arguing with her boyfriend and tossing things out of the car.

Her daughter knew the man and stepped in to see if he needed help.
That's when Peetom said her daughter and Wright got into an argument. 

It escalated to Dean being run over.

"She's affected a total of maybe seven children. Seven children have no mothers," Peetom said. 

She said the preliminary hearings were hard.

And she's not looking forward to hearing all of the details again.

But if it means justice for her daughter, she's ready to face the trial head on.

"Hopefully she'll get the life sentence. That's sad for her kids but that's more mercy then she showed my daughter," Peetom said. 

Dean's mother and grandmother now have custody of her two children.