Facebook Users Mistake Cleveland Police Page With Ohio Namesake

Wednesday, October 25th 2017, 6:38 pm
By: News On 6

The folks at City Hall in Cleveland, Oklahoma, regularly deal with a severe case of mistaken identity.

Actually, it's more a case of Cleveland Confusion.

It's hard to imagine confusing Cleveland, Ohio, and Cleveland, Oklahoma, but...

"This is just a fraction of the messages sent from people in Cleveland, Ohio," said Police Chief Clint Stout, of Cleveland, Oklahoma. 

Stout said it happens all the time.

For example...

"After the Browns took a knee, you should boycott their games," Stout said. 

The chief said he just cringes when he watches the news and something happens in Cleveland, Ohio. The mistaken identity folks just wear him out.

"They will report crimes in progress, they'll want copies of reports, copies of accidents," Stout said. 

Not like he's not trying. The page header has the American flag now but he's put the Oklahoma flag there.

They've also added the uniform patch.

Cleveland confusion stretches beyond Ohio.

"'Can you tell me what happened on the Chattanooga Pike about 3 a.m.?'" Stout read.

That's Cleveland, Tennessee. There's also Cleveland, Texas, and maybe Florida too.

"Because I've gotten messages from Florida, all over the United States, we get 'em," Stout said. 

Honestly, he's a Facebook fan and he thinks it a great tool.

"It helped us just this last week catch somebody we were looking for," he said. 

But on the other hand....

"They want a picture of the baseball stadium that was taken from the helicopter," Stout said. 

No chopper, no stadium Cleveland, Ohio again.