Bank Of Oklahoma Celebrates Employee's 50 Years On The Job

Tuesday, October 24th 2017, 4:59 pm
By: News On 6

The folks at Bank of Oklahoma are celebrating something rare in today's business world.

Wanda Thompson is retiring after 50 years with the bank.

Thompson is kind of a superstar around the bank. Who does what she has done?

Staying with the same company for 50 years doesn’t happen for many. And it wasn't her first job; she started working when she was 17.

“They were all one-girl offices,” said Thompson. “You just did everything."

But she was looking for something better, and she found it. She’s been at the bank ever since, and she's done about everything you can do with mortgages.

“Paid the insurance, I did the closings, I was a loan officer,” she stated.

For about 20 years she's handled assumptions. Last month, they organized a little surprise.

"They said we were having a meeting,” said Thompson.

So, she grabbed a pad and pencil, headed down the hall.

The meeting was to celebrate her and her 50 years. There were co-workers and cake.

They presented her with a necklace with her birthstone,

“And my bracelet with two charms on it that says BOK and 50,” she stated.

In her cubicle on the eighth floor is a sort of pictorial road map to where she's headed. Her grandkids now have kids of their own. She hopes to be plenty busy.