New Test Results Show Challenges For Oklahoma Districts

Wednesday, October 18th 2017, 5:57 pm

Jenks and Broken Arrow public schools released their state test scores Wednesday.

The latest results are the first to be matched with national standards for college readiness.

The results from this new test show a lot of challenges for every district, including the suburbs, but students there are generally doing better than their counterparts in Tulsa.

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The scores show Oklahoma's students have substantial work ahead to get ready for college.

The new test and scoring is not the old measure of whether students were simply on grade level.

“Now, proficiency is really looking at students who are on track and college and career ready without any remediation on the college level, rather than being proficient in basic grade-level standards,” said Dr. Lisa Muller with Jenks Public Schools.

Several districts said they didn't find many surprises in the numbers, but did spot problems they need to address.

Broken Arrow is reminding parents the learning hasn't changed, it's the test and the scoring that's new this year.

“What they need to understand is that we still have great teachers and our students are learning at the same pace, we simply have higher standards and a new test that's aligned to those standards,” said Diana Bjornson with BAPS.

The results show Broken Arrow and Jenks generally above state averages on most tests, including third grade English language arts, and third-grade math.

By tenth grade, the numbers change some with Broken Arrow below and Jenks above state averages for math and history.

"We found our elementaries are doing very well and we were very pleased. We're looking at our secondaries to see the transitions, and we weren't pleased or displeased, we know we're always looking for areas where we can improve our students’ performance," Bjornson said.

Complete scores for Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks and Union are below.

Tulsa Results:

Broken Arrow Results:

Jenks Results:

Union Results: