TU Looks To Keep Momentum Going vs. UConn

Tuesday, October 17th 2017, 8:07 pm

It was quite a homecoming for Tulsa football on Saturday, but the Hurricane is moving on after its impressive win.

With TU in the midst of a four-game slide and an undefeated in-conference Houston team coming to town Saturday, the signs weren't pointing to a dominant Hurricane win.

But that's exactly what happened.

"I've been saying we're close, we just needed a game or a play or something significant to hopefully kind of tip that bucket over,” said head coach Philip Montgomery.

A week after giving up 653 yards of offense to Tulane, TU racked up 288 on the ground, all while holding the Cougars to just 146 thanks to a couple scheme changes on defense.

"We had a changeup a little bit of things on the defensive side to stop the run, and it made it easier for everybody,” said defensive end Jeremy Smith.

Probably the most notable difference on Saturday was at quarterback. Luke Skipper started; Chad President played.

But Philip Montgomery stopped short of saying that Skipper's now the starter and also said there isn't any type of quarterback competition going on either.

"As long as those two guys are on the same page and helping each other, I don't see there being a true quarterback competition,” he said.

While it may not be a true two-quarterback system, expect more of the same moving forward.

"I like the way we were able to use both guys and really be effective in both areas,” said Montgomery. “I think both of them got skills on both ends of it. I mean, I think they can both run; I think they can both throw."