Blue Star Mothers Office Vandalized For 3rd Time This Year

Saturday, October 14th 2017, 6:48 pm

Someone shot into a window at the Broken Arrow office of Blue Star Mothers, marking their third vandalism this year.

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The Blue Star Mothers noticed the damage when they arrived for work Friday morning.

Now, the third time this has happened, they've got some evidence to show the police; a truck driving by in the early hours of the morning on Lynn Lane.

Video shows a truck driving by just as the window on the front of the office shatters.

The window is double paned, and the damage is another expensive repair.

Janet Viel spent hours scanning the video to find the moment it happened: 3:40 in the morning, on Friday the 13th.

It's a double cab pickup, a light color, and what they used to shoot out the window isn't clear.

"[I] Can't imagine why anybody has something against a bunch of moms. And I really hope it isn't anything … NFL, national anthem, military related, because that's where my mind went Friday," Viel said. 

Despite another setback, the work of the Blue Star Mothers continues.

And the need continues.

They send one box a month to everyone on their list.

It's packed with some goodies and essentials, for military men and women all over the world.

"Always needed. Oklahoma is deploying a lot right now, and we're sending about 160 boxes a month. And by December it's going to go up quite a bit," Viel said. 

That's when the soldiers of the 180th Cavalry of the Oklahoma National Guard deploy to Afghanistan.

The Blue Star Mothers have boxes for them.

That work won't stop even with this new act of vandalism.

Broken Arrow police have the video of the truck and hope to use it to find whoever is responsible.