Tulsa Police Increased Presence For Aldean Concert

Thursday, October 12th 2017, 9:40 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Thousands of people flocked to Tulsa's BOK Center Thursday night to see country superstar Jason Aldean perform. 

Aldean's concert was his first since his performance in Las Vegas when a gunman opened fire, killing 59 people. 

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Police said more than 7,000 people showed up to the concert. 

And while there are police on scene, the fans are just excited to be at the concert for an emotional evening.  Fans were out in full force and while they are excited to see Jason Aldean, many of them are showing off their support for the victims of last week’s shooting in Las Vegas. 

"Definitely a sad thing that occurred and we definitely wanna pray for people out there," said concertgoer Colton Washington. 

 Fan Nancy Moody said while she's ready to have a good time, it’s still going to be an emotional evening.

"With all country music, it is all emotional and it all has a heart, so I think it'll be even more so tonight given all circumstances that happened," she said.  

 Some of the men and women keeping concertgoers safe were Tulsa Police officers, who were outside providing traffic and crowd control while some off-duty officers are inside working for the BOK Center.

"We look ahead of time to see who is the performer, what’s the anticipated crowd size, weekday, weekend and we weigh those kinds of factors," said Tulsa Police Captain Brian Carlisle. 

Police said from there they decide what’s needed. Captain Carlisle said they had extra officers out because of the Las Vegas shooting.

“We have taken some extra measures tonight; we'll have a few more officers out than usual," said Captain Brian Carlisle. 

He said their officers are well trained and prepared for anything.

Captain Carlisle also said it’s important to understand that these officers do not take away from officers in other parts of the city, and no matter what, it’s always important for people to say something if they see something.

While some fans declined to go on camera, the BOK Center said that the concert for them is business just as normal.