Tulsa Fire Department Spends Almost $5 Million For New Trucks

Thursday, October 5th 2017, 5:35 pm

The Tulsa Fire Department has four new trucks that'll replace their tallest ladder trucks.

Firefighters trained with the new equipment Thursday.

The new trucks will go to fire stations generally near tall buildings.

Two of them will be around downtown, one South near Oral Roberts University and the other at the airport will also respond to calls at the casino in Catoosa.

Tulsa Firefighters are training on how to handle the trucks, and ladders which operate differently than the old ones.

The department spent $4.78 million dollars to replace the existing trucks, which have a much more complicated ladder system.

The way the ladder folds, it can reach a little higher, but it's also much more complex.

The fire department couldn't keep the old trucks out of the shop for repairs.

The new trucks are a more common design and the ladder is much simpler so they hope they'll last longer.

Stan May with the Tulsa Fire Department said, "These are a little more road worthy. They're simpler, easier to repair, they last longer and don't wear out as quick. It's got a better drivetrain under it and allows us to put miles on it without sacrificing the integrity of the truck over a 5 or 6 year period."

The department will finish training this week and plans to put the four new trucks in their stations next week.